About Us

Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited, ever since its foundation in the year 1993 has harnessed its experience in the consumer goods industry to focus on long-term relationships with its consumers by providing high quality, contemporary, technology based and cost-effective products.

The organization has embraced a tradition of creating, developing and marketing high-quality consumer products for nearly 3 decades.

Kaleesuwari is at the pole position in the Edible Oil and Dhal segments.
Having three manufacturing plants with well-equipped state-of-the-art facilities and machineries located near the major cities of Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore, Kaleesuwari is one among India’s primary producers of refined sunflower oil under the flagship brand “Gold Winner”.

Kaleesuwari has evolved multiple brands. To begin with the most celebrated brand – “Gold Winner”. It offers edible oils including refined Sunflower Oil, Vanaspathi and refined Groundnut Oil. Under the brands of “Orysa”, “Pure Plus” and “Paalm Super”, Kaleesuwari offers refined Rice Bran Oil, pure Coconut Oil and refined Palmolien Oil.

Kaleesuwari promotes heart-friendly edible oils under the brand “Cardia” which include refined Olive Oil, extra virgin Olive Oil and Cardia Life the oil which is a blend of refined Olive & Corn Oil. Kaleesuwari has also put together a range of pulses under the brand “Sree Gold” offering Toor, Orid and Moong Dhals.

Over and above the edible oils, Kaleesuwari is also into perfumed oils, indigenously developed, exclusively for an aromatic and extravagant experience of invoking the divine while lighting oil lamps, under the brand – “Dheepam”.

“Puff King”, “Masterpiece”, “So Soft” and “Cream Gold” are the brands launched by Kaleesuwari to offer oils and emulsifiers to make bakery products.

All the brands are well positioned by the principles of Quality Excellence and Distinctive Innovation, that Kaleesuwari has held-to since its inception. These principles are followed to create and nurture the goodness of the existing product ranges which result in utmost customer satisfaction.

Kaleesuwari shall forever stand as a reliable provider of products that will continue to extend Health and Happiness, long into the future.